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Cityscape Global Participation

Cityscape Global Participation
Vynets will be participating in Cityscape Global in Dubai, UAE on Oct. 2-4, 2018, being one of the largest and most influential real estate exhibitions in the world.  
In the new digital economy where organizations are being disrupted by competitors who are adopting latest technologies to transform business models and work processes, coupled with the presence of difficult economic conditions engulfing the MENA region whereby real estate developers are being challenged to sell properties; Vynets introduces a new innovative tool to address these pains and enable the property developer to improve sales effectiveness and disrupt its competitors.  Vynets uses Virtual Reality technology to develop a customized application that can fully showcase the property experience in a 360’ immersive interactive and highly engaging visualization of the architectural designs, with all the needed details to grant people a true feel of the property and build an emotional connection with the unbuilt space, and present the developer with several benefits, amongst them the ability to increase the value of the property and accelerate the sales cycle and subsequent deal closure.  Vynets uses specialized Virtual Reality headsets (Oculus Rift) with high graphics performance to enhance this visualization and drive the experience of touring the property along with remote controllers (joysticks) to interact with specific elements that expose the property’s uniqueness toward creating this emotional connection with the estate.  The beauty of Virtual Reality is the fact that it allows the showcasing to happen before any land excavation would have started, and reach for remote customers stationed all over the globe.  Vynets is a pioneer in the development of such interactive engaging Virtual Reality application specifically tailored for the Real Estate sector.   
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